In December 2018-January 2019, I acted as the soccer coach on the Lyric Stage of Boston’s production of Sarah Delappe’s THE WOLVES. I got to combine my love of soccer and my love of theatre and it was absolutely fantastic! Some of the gals knew how to play, some didn’t, and by the end, they were all soccer stars! Maybe someone will cast me in the show before I age out…. ;))))

Beginning in August of 2018, I took on my second project as a producer/actor. My co-producer, Thanh Ta, and I began a production company, fundraised over 30k and mounted the world premiere of Rae Mariah MaCarthy’s HONORS STUDENTS. This was the most stressful experience of my entire life! I had so many stress dreams and tummy aches! But it was also the most gratifying experience of my entire life. I learned which boundaries of mine were safe to push and which weren’t, I learned just how much I am capable of, and I learned— and I mean this very sincerely— that truly anything is possible. Oh and that I REALLY NEED TO TAKE A CHILL PILL CUZ THINGS WORK OUT WHEN YOU WORK HARD AND SOMETIMES THEY DON’T BUT THAT’S OKAY TOOOOOO!!!

In March, Colette and I took I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW  to Hollywood's NerdMelt Showroom to perform our LUST themed show. We packed the house all three nights and L.A. seemed to enjoy hearing about our pre-pubescent horniness! Since then, we have been back at Stonewall with our monthly show, covering topics such as BEAUTY and NATURE. Next up is MONEY on June 30th! Bring your dollar bills and wear your rainbow socks and come ready to chat the MULLA.






I had the pleasure of performing in Brunch Theatre Co's third round of short plays in November and December of 2017! The show ran for three weekends at the Nuyorican Poets Café and played to sold out audiences at almost every performance! I got to perform in a piece by Haley Jakobson about queerness and religion and subway cars! Got to be pretty gay which is exciting because I am!!!







I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW's October Spooptacular was a total hit! We packed the house at The Stonewall Inn and Colette and I had a blast performing for y'all, per usual. And thanks again to all who participated, especially our phenomenal guest/witch, Haylin Belay. See y'all at our next show on December 14th @ 8 pm at Stonewall, theme TBA! And yes, this is a picture of us doing a dildo seance/hex -- you choose. And again, don't forget to stop by for our December show and bring friends and family-- they don't have to be yours!







In August, I had the pleasure of performing in Princeton Summer Theater's production of Branden Jacobs-Jenkins' Obie winning play, APPROPRIATE. I played the role of Rachael, "whose foul-mouthed put-downs are enough to peel wallpaper — what hasn’t already peeled" (Bob Brown, I had the opportunity to act alongside so many awesomely talented actors and human beings, plus I got to spend the month of August on the Princeton Campus aka one of the most beautiful places in the country!







In late July I got to fly to L.A. for a job on I HATE KIDS, starring Tom Everett Scott, Titus Burgess and Rachel Boston. I played a psychic at a psychic convention and boy do I think I knocked my one line out of the park! The film was directed by John Asher and co-written by Todd Traina and Frank Dietz. Look out for it some time next year and keep your eyes peeled for Psychic #5!







I am so honored and grateful to have been a part of The Studio/NY's nine month conservatory from September 2016- May 2017. From 9-4 five days a week, we trained in Fitzmaurice Voice Work, Feldenkrais, Clown, Lucid Body, and Scene study. We also created our own devised work with director Jusin Cimino, and wrapped up the program with a production of Kate Hamil's recent adaptation of SENSE AND SENSIBILITY, directed by Jessica Holt. I had the honor and pleasure of playing the snooty patootie Fanny Dashwood-- the best part was getting to howl like a fox: "Aoo! Aoo!"